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Home health care includes many types of health care services given in a home setting. The goal of home health care is to help patients adjust to their new health needs so they can care for themselves. Professional health care in a home setting can restore one’s sense of well-being and foster independence to enhance quality of life.


Home Health Care Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior Female Patient

What We Do

Family owned and operated, Morning Star Quality Home Health has been providing skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in the DFW area and surrounding counties for over a decade. Our services are provided in the client’s residence (private home or assisted living).

We offer a full array of home health care services, from hands-on personal care to skilled nursing care, disease-specific care, and a range of specialized therapies and training programs.

The compassionate, caring, and dedicated staff members at Morning Star Quality Home Health are committed to assisting patients in regaining their health and independence following an acute illness or injury, restorative procedure, or hospital stay. Our caregivers work under the guidance of the primary care physician to not only ensure the patient’s physical needs are met but also to provide the patient and family with the education and training necessary to sustain a safe, nurturing, and independent lifestyle.

Types of Specialized Home Health Care Therapies We Provide

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing care includes services that can only be performed safely and effectively by a licensed nurse who provides education on disease processes and medication review and management. Injections, tube feedings, catheter changes, assessment of the patient’s condition, management of the patient’s care plan, and wound care are examples of skilled nursing care.

Home health care nurse giving infusion therapy

Infusion Therapy

Our experienced infusion team can provide in-home infusions such as cardiac infusions, rehydration, and intravenous antibiotics.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed physical therapists work with the patients in the comfort of their own homes to improve and restore mobility and muscle strength. Physical therapy includes individualized post-surgery rehabilitation programs, gait training, exercise programs for regaining strength and endurance, and safety training with assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy promotes independence with activities of daily living by helping patients regain the ability to do usual things they want and need to do. Our licensed therapists help patients develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills needed to live life to its fullest.

Speech Therapy

Our speech and language services include exercises to regain and strengthen speech and language skills as well as assistance with eating, drinking and swallowing. Cognitive training exercises and therapeutic techniques to prevent choking are also a part of our speech therapy services.

Medical Social Worker

Our licensed social workers help in finding community resources and coordinate services such as Meals-on-Wheels, Texas Ramp Project, Texas Lifeline program, and Veteran’s Aide & Attendance program. Social workers will also help with Medicaid application processes, setting up Medicare Part D, and preparing DNR forms.

Home health care wound care specialist massaging hand of senior woman at home

Wound Care

For those situations where skin integrity is challenged during the healing process, we can arrange for a Wound Care Certified (WCC) nurse  who can help manage skin breakdown of any kind. The nurse will also educate patients and family members about wound healing, dressing applications, and other interventions.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide provides assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. 

Educational Programs

Our caregivers provide focused education using Best Practice Guidelines along with physician and clinical judgment. Treatment is based on the patient’s unique needs and circumstances. A few of the many tailored programs we offer include CHF (congestive heart failure), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), DM (diabetes mellitus), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and fall prevention.

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