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Keeping Yourself & Others Healthy During COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic is something that is discussed daily, as information is frequently updated. Many school districts have decided to push back their original start dates, and some districts have decided to keep their initial plans for starting the 2020-21 school year. Businesses (small businesses in particular) are either still closed or trying to recoup from the financial struggles over the last few months. However, new research seems to provide promising information for coping with this illness that has affected so many worldwide.

We all know that best practices of reducing the risk of illness include washing your hands frequently, covering coughs or sneezes, and frequently sanitizing regularly used items. Additionally, the Texas Health Resources system published an article explaining various ways to help protect yourself, which is extremely beneficial as more and more Americans go back to work, and especially since schools will reopen for the first time since March. As explained in the article, our immune systems are designed to fight off viruses and sicknesses. However, many different aspects of life can cause our immune systems to weaken and become bogged down, which is when illness really affects our bodies. 

Stress has been the number one cause of wearing down an immune system, and understandably so. When a person is stressed, their sleep patterns and diet are often impacted. While we are sometimes unable to control the causes of stress (i.e., a pandemic), we are able to control how we respond to stress. Self-care is an essential component in managing difficult and stressful situations, alongside finding a hobby or spending time with loved ones. The lack of adequate sleep can also contribute to a weakened immune system.  The Texas Health Resource system states that when our bodies are tired, it means that the immune system is needing some time to be rebuilt, so we should allow ourselves to rest. Consuming the proper vitamins and minerals needed to boost the immune system is extremely beneficial. It has been reported that Vitamins C, D, B, Zinc, and Magnesium are essential in developing and maintaining healthy immune support. Many fruits and vegetables contain these vitamins as well. It is recommended to “eat the rainbow,” meaning eating various colors of fruits and vegetables would guarantee that you would consume numerous vitamins for nutritional value.

This pandemic has been very difficult for so many. While some feel it is safest to remain at home, distanced from others, and in public as little as possible, others feel that isolation also comes with separate risks that could affect an individual both mentally and emotionally. Thanks to research that is being updated many times throughout each day, we are able to identify ways in which we can find some degree of normalcy again and protect ourselves. Like many others, I am following the COVID-19 updates that are frequently shared, and I will continue to update as new information becomes available. Until then, we can all use the practices listed in this article to slow the spread and keep ourselves and others healthy.

About the Author

Chelsea Woods has a Master’s degree in special education and is an Educational Diagnostician. Her passion is children, particularly children with special needs. Chelsea has been married to her husband Dylan for 6 years, and they have two girls, Kamdyn, five, and Emersyn, one. She enjoys time with her church family, working in their garden, and taking vacations and making memories as a family.

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