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What Do You Know About Home Health Services?

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Did you know? There are various types of services that provide in-home health care. Some of these services include medical social services, nursing/doctor care, and speech, occupational, or physical therapy services. The home health care services available are nearly unlimited.

Skilled Nursing

The most common form of treatment a patient might receive at home is skilled nursing care. This consists of a registered nurse setting up a plan of care after consultation with a doctor. Nursing care might include wound dressing, ostomy care, intravenous therapy, administering medication, monitoring the overall health of the patient, pain control, and other forms of support. 

Related Therapies

Another service that patients may receive would be any form of related service (i.e., physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy). Depending on the patient and their needs, the type of service that they would require will vary. Physical therapists may recommend a plan of care to help a patient regain or strengthen the use of muscles and joints after an accident. Occupational therapists may recommend help with relearning how to perform essential daily functions such as eating, bathing, dressing, and others. Speech therapists may help a patient with regaining the ability to communicate clearly after an incident (such as a stroke, for example). Speech therapy also includes swallowing therapy. 

Social Workers

Medical social workers help patients by providing different services to the patient, such as counseling and other community resources, to help them recover. In some cases, a patient’s needs may be very complex and require several different services. In these instances, the social worker may serve as the patient’s case manager as well. 

These are just a few of the many services available for patients who are requiring care at home. If you know someone who receives additional care services, be sure to thank those who provide home care services to your loved one(s). Their work should not go unnoticed! 

About the Author

Chelsea Woods has a Master’s degree in special education and is an Educational Diagnostician. Her passion is children, particularly children with special needs. Chelsea has been married to her husband Dylan for 6 years, and they have two girls, Kamdyn, five, and Emersyn, one. She enjoys time with her church family, working in their garden, and taking vacations and making memories as a family.

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